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Always Food Safe Allergen Awareness  Course

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Each retail food facility must have one certified food employee whose certificate issued by a nationally recognized program is current and unexpired. The certified food employee must be the “person in charge” when at the facility and accessible at all times during the facility’s hours of operation.

ServSafe Manager Certification Online Course and Exam Reflect the
2017 Model Food Code

ServSafe is a leading platform for food safety certification, offering a range of courses and exams to demonstrate the skills and knowledge required of a food manager. The Food Safety Manager Certification, also known as Food Manager Certification or Food Service Certificate, provides individuals with the necessary training to ensure the safe handling and preparation of food. By passing the accredited ServSafe Manager Exam, candidates can secure their Food Protection Manager Certification. This proctored, online exam ensures that food managers have the necessary expertise to maintain high standards of food safety and protect the health of consumers. ServSafe is committed to leading the way in food safety certification and empowering professionals in the food service industry.

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