Connecticut Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

The # 1 Connecticut Sexual Harassment Prevention Course On The Market

Connecticut Sexual Harassment Prevention

Sexual Harassment - Manager


Price 19.95
Certificate Valid For: 10 years
Approximate Time 2 hour
Compatible On: Computers, tablets, & smartphones
Available Languages English

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TAP Series’ Arizona Employee Sexual Harassment online course is quick, simple, and low cost. No need to gather a group or go to a classroom. The self-study training allows you to train on your schedule from home, office, or on a cell phone. TAP Series’ course meets state regulations. In one hour your employee has a valid certificate.

TAP Series’ Arizona Employee Sexual Harassment Training teaches important sexual harassment laws, the legal definitions of harassment, and how to recognize and report sexual harassment. The student confirms his or her understanding of inappropriate workplace behavior and sexual harassment through numerous interactive activities.

Learning Outcomes

  • The Definition of Sexual Harassment
  • Federal Law
  • State Laws
  • Why Sexual Harassment is illegal
  • Identifying Sexual Harassment
  • Examples of Sexual Harassment
  • Internal Complaint Process
  • How to Communicate With Employees
  • How to Handle a Complaint
  • How to Correctly Document a Complaint
  • Quizzes & final test