Pest Management

3 rules for pest prevention

  1. Deny pest entry to the operation
  2. Deny pest food, water and shelter
  3. Work with a licensed Pest Control Operator (PCO)

To keep pests from entering with deliveries:

  • Check deliveries before they enter the operation
  • Refuse shipments if pests or signs of pests (egg cases, body parts) are found

Pest prevention

  • Screen windows and vents
  • Seal cracks in floors and walls, and around pipes
  • Install air curtains (also called air doors or fly fans) above or alongside doors

Deny pest shelter

  • Throw out garbage quickly and correctly
  • Keep containers clean and in good condition
  • Keep outdoor containers tightly covered
  • Clean up spills around containers immediately
  • Store recyclables correctly
  • Keep recyclables in clean, pest-proof containers
  • Keep containers as far away from the building as regulations allow
  • Store food and supplies quickly and correctly
  • Keep them away from walls and at least six inches (15 cm) off the floor
  • Rotate products (FIFO) so pests cannot settle and breed
  • Clean the operation thoroughly
  • Clean up food and beverage spills immediately
  • Clean break rooms after use
  • Keep cleaning tools and supplies clean and dry

Contact your PCO immediately if you see these or any other pest-related problems:

  • Feces
  • Nests
  • Damage on products, packaging, and the facility itself