Lets Talk Turkey

A Consumer Guide to Safely Roasting a Turkey Fresh or Frozen? Fresh Turkeys Allow 1 pound of turkey per person. Buy your turkey only 1 to 2 days before you plan to cook it. Keep it stored in the refrigerator until you’re ready to cook it. Place it on a tray or in a pan …

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Gourmet Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are a shining example of simplicity. Few ingredients put together well yield amazing results…but only if cooked well. Learn the thermal secrets to perfect chicken wings here!

E.Coli Outbreaks

E.Coli Outbreaks The impact of an E. coli outbreak is far-reaching. It spreads through the entire supply chain, leaving consumers, farmers, and retailers in a bind. Losing 45% of your sales overnight is a massive loss to any industry. This is what happened in 2018 regarding the E. coli outbreaks in romaine. Struggling to boost …

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